WHEN consumers buy hard floors, they want to know noise and energy efficiency are top priorities for manufacturers.

Interfloor, a UK underlay specialist, says it provides that reassurance with its specialist underlays for wood and laminate flooring offering some of the best noise reducing performance in the industry.  It says that the Duralay Timbermate range includes the best-selling sponge rubber Timbermate Excel and Silentfloor Gold.  

One of the most important benefits of specialist underlays for hard floors is a reduction in impact sound. We all know that walking on a hard floor can be loud and sharp, and the right quality underlay will make a big difference in reducing the sound. Tests show in-room acoustics can worsen if inferior underlays are used under hard flooring; a lightweight, air-filled, cellular product creates an echo chamber and amplifies the sound.

Says Interfloor: ‘Duralay Timbermate underlays reduce in-room noise by up to 30%. Independent tests prove the products, with their superior weight and density, significantly reduce acoustic noise levels and all have achieved low SONE ratings and impressive sound reduction ratings. Silentfloor Gold achieves a substantial sound reduction of 24dB and Timbermate Excel is close behind with 23dB.

‘Timbermate Excel is a 3.60mm gauge high density resilient rubber underlay; while the top end Silentfloor Gold is a 4.20mm gauge high density resilient rubber underlay. Cold hard ground floor subfloors, such as concrete are more prone to moisture damage, so both feature a vapour barrier which helps to repel moisture and protects the flooring.’

Laminate panels need to be evenly distributed and fixed securely in place, so they don’t move or warp. A lot of subfloors are slightly uneven or bumpy, which can affect the quality of the laminate installation. Therefore, installing an underlay evens out small imperfections in the subfloor. Helping ensure the laminate is level and stable prevents overstraining of joints in wood and laminate boards which then extends the lifespan of the flooring.

For underfloor heating, Duralay Heatflow Wood & Laminate is a specialist low-tog and high density resilient rubber underlay. Heatflow Wood & Laminate also helps to keep noise to a minimum with a rating of 21dB and in doing so, like all Interfloor underlays says the company, creates the perfect ambience for a much more peaceful place to be.

Interfloor continues: ‘Heatflow has a low ‘tog’ rating, allowing the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. It conducts more heat than other underlays, which makes it an ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating, bringing greater heating efficiency and the potential for reducing heating bills, allowing the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room.’

In addition, adds Interfloor, Duralay Technics 5 is a high specification, twin scrim underlay that is an excellent choice for engineered wood flooring. ‘Owing to its density and unique Textron backing, Technics 5 provides exceptional dimensional stability thereby providing a perfect base for the flooring, reducing overstraining on joints and greatly reduces both impact and airborne sound between rooms with an incredible sound reduction rating of 29dB. The simple, quick, easy installation, and versatility of these Duralay underlays makes them a perfect option for both domestic and contract installations.’