THE new range of adhesives from Bostik offers what the company describes as a high-quality solution for every flooring requirement – whether you’re installing PVC, carpet, wood flooring or accessories. Here Bostik provides an overview of some of the highlights in the offering, and how they can help you lay the perfect floor:

High-temperature resistance
In summer, there’s always the danger that hot weather will affect the performance of standard adhesives, weakening the bond and potentially causing it to fail. This is equally a concern when working in areas that are subject to high solar gain, such as conservatories or atriums, or in close proximity to underfloor heating.

That’s why Bostik has launched the new STIX A550 POWER ELASTIC premium acrylic adhesive, specially formulated to give high performance over a wide temperature range. This allows the adhesive to withstand warm conditions and maintain its integrity to get the job done without a problem.

Available in a 13kg bucket, Bostik STIX A550 POWER ELASTIC is compatible with a wide range of floor coverings, including LVT, rubber, linoleum, PVC sheet or tile, vinyl, carpet or natural fibres, and also resists plasticiser migration.

The adhesive is also solvent-free and low-odour, with very low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (EC1 Plus), meaning it is safer for installers and less impactful on building occupants during the installation.

Multi-functional use
In many cases, the best adhesive to have in the back of the van is an easy-to-use solution that works across a wide range of resilient floorcoverings, providing the convenience of only having one type of product for most jobs. That’s where the new resin-modified STIX A740 MULTI BEST comes in. Bostik has designed STIX A740 MULTI BEST for multi-functional use, ensuring it works with homogeneous and heterogeneous PCV sheet and tiles, LVT, linoleum, rubber flooring, thermal acoustic underlays, and most textile floorcoverings.

Not only is STIX A740 MULTI BEST versatile, it’s also highly effective and convenient to use. Owing to its unique formulation, it offers extremely strong wet bonding while also providing an open time of around an hour, so it’s not a race against the clock to lay the flooring.

The adhesive can also be used to double drop or contact bond when applying onto a dense surface or for coving requirements. Furthermore – like STIX A550 POWER ELASTIC – STIX A740 MULTI BEST has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, achieving EC1 on the Emicode classification system.

Working with wood
When bonding wood flooring, requirements for adhesives are different. A wood adhesive must be particularly strong and should have an element of elasticity to enable it to cope with the minute movements and fluctuations that wooden floors can experience.

The new single-component Bostik WOOD H200 ELASTIC adhesive is the ultimate solution. It bonds all types of parquet flooring to both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, and is permanently elastic. In addition, its high mechanical and acoustic properties ensure it reduces the impact of sound by up to 18dB with an undercoat.

Available in a 17kg bucket, Bostik WOOD H200 ELASTIC can be used with everything from unfinished or varnished solid wood floors up to 200mm wide, bonded floors of all sizes, edge-grain wood, end-grain wood and all wood species including beech and exotic woods.

The adhesive can also be used with warm water underfloor heating systems, provided the temperature doesn’t exceed 27deg C, ensuring the bond will not weaken and fail over time.

Still on a Roll
When it comes to many of the other jobs besides sticking the main flooring down, one product remains king: Bostik Roll.

The reinforced, solvent-free, double-sided adhesive tape has been specially designed for the fast installation of skirting, capping strips, cove formers and other floor or wall mounted accessories, offering an outstanding alternative to water and solvent-based adhesives.

Supplied in ready-to-use, dry adhesive rolls in widths of 25mm, 50mm, 85mm and 240mm, Bostik Roll provides a convenient, easy and clean installation that resists plasticiser migration. As the adhesive is dry, there’s no curing time required, meaning no waiting around and the area remains free from any overspill. The new 240mm version is also available for larger applications, such as installing vinyl on stairways, providing fitters with more choice and flexibility.

The solvent-free Bostik Roll is another environmentally friendly option that has less impact on the building occupants. It achieves A+ and EC1 Plus ratings with LEED and EN 13999:2007 for BREEAM, thanks to its very low VOC emissions.

All the products in Bostik’s new range of adhesives are backed up by the company’s best-in-class technical support, meaning anyone using them can call on Bostik’s expert technical team to guide them through any challenges that come up during the installation.