PROGRESS through the Quick-Step Master Installer programme and you’ll benefit from an unparalleled range of marketing materials, says Quick-Step.

The Quick-Step Master Installer programme, only available through the Academy for Excellence in Flooring, is said to be one of the industry’s most-recognised and valued qualifications. But it’s not just the pride of completing the intense course that qualified installers leave with. They also reportedly depart with access to a range of materials designed to make promotion of their new status easy.

First, there’s the Master Installer ID card and registration number, a ticket to an exclusive and valuable listing on the Quick-Step website. Every qualified Master Installer will also receive a full set of swatches (laminate or LVT depending on the course) and a Master Installer vehicle sticker.

A document wallet is also provided which contains pen, pencil, quotation pad and lifetime installation warranty forms; all branded to highlight membership of this first-class and exclusive programme.

Lee Thompson, Academy for Excellence in Flooring, says; ‘Every homeowner wants to know that they’re selecting a trusted professional for the fitting of their floor and the Master Installer badge is proof. We provide a range of materials to every qualified installer so they can make the most of their new status as one of the best professionals in the industry.’

The listing on is an invaluable link to direct business, both with homeowners looking for installers and in building relationships with local retailers. In 2020 alone, the website reportedly received more than 100,000 stockist enquiries and 14,000 searches for installers. Membership to the Master Installer scheme also includes a free technical helpline and branded clothing.

The Master Installer programme is available for wood and laminate and LVT floors. The three-day pass or fail course covers practical, technical, and theory knowledge to ensure the programme represents the industry’s most highly skilled installers.

Master Installers are required to refresh their skills every three years to ensure high standards of workmanship are upheld.