LEVEL IT Pro30, from subfloor preparation specialists UltraFloor, has been formulated to refurbish existing floors in previously unachievable timescales, without removing old adhesive residues first – revolutionising traditional subfloor preparation methods, says the company.

It says: ‘Level IT Pro30 is a premium ‘one product does all’ solution for today’s busy contractor. Suitable for use with most common subfloors, this high performance, high tolerance, free-flowing smoothing underlayment can also be used over old adhesive residues, without the need for priming first. This key feature makes Level IT Pro30 ideal for areas in need of quick turnaround, particularly time sensitive projects that require returning access same day to vulnerable residents or key public services.’

The benefits don’t end there, says UltraFloor. ‘Subfloors prepared using Level IT Pro30 can accept foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes and are ready to receive unbonded floorcoverings after 45 minutes and bonded floorcoverings after 90 minutes, including LVT and Vinyl, a popular and luxury floor covering with no room for error.’

The company continues: ‘This superb and versatile product has extra tolerance for on-site imperfections, which reduces the need for intensive subfloor preparation and is ideal for prepping awkward subfloors for luxury finishes in record time. Level IT Pro30 is completely protein and ammonia free, making it ideal in healthcare and domestic setting without need for worry. With less time spent on prep and less time to set, Level IT Pro30 will save you more time twice over, leaving the client happy, deadlines met and increasing your productivity.’

What’s more, the company says Level IT Pro30 is unaffected by moisture, maintains excellent flow and boasts an impressive set time of 30 minutes even in cold temperatures. ‘Never before has a smoothing compound been so versatile and reliable in such a rapid time.’

The company concludes: ‘Arm your team with Level IT Pro30 and revolutionise your next flooring job. For more information on Level IT Pro30, to place an order for your store, or for details of your nearest flooring distributor.’
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