BALSAN says its story can be summed up in one simple phrase: a love of yarn. ‘From Manufacture Royale looms to the very latest MBrodery technology, this great French industrial adventure has always been distinguished by expertise and audacity in textiles,’ says the company.

Balsan, French designer of textile floors offers a range of broadlooms, tiles and planks, ‘carpets for all public and private places’.

‘These allow opportunities to lay products to be mixed using not only textures and colours but the freedom to choose various tiles sizes (50x50cm) or planks (100x25cm),’ says Balsan.

It adds: ‘Whether the choice is singular size or mixed associations, we provide the options for you to choose the format and create your own design layout. Chevron, checkerboard or on the way, think of an original pose to play on the structures and create the unexpected.

‘You can also get a nice one-off effect with carpet tiles or planks. These formats have the advantage of being interchangeable; the floor of your office will never be dull.

‘From an acoustic point-of-view, the importance of the carpet is no longer to prove. Our tiles and planks are available on B-Back or Sonic Comfort, the latter, being a high-performance insulating PET Comfort Tile, which provides unparalleled sound and walking comfort.

‘Simply choose Balsan Tile and put it to the test.’