FOLLOWING a programme of research and development, QUANTUM FLOORING SOLUTIONS has developed a design it claims will improve user safety on staircases.

Unlike conventional stair nosings which are manufactured with two separate pieces of narrow tread, Quantum’s design features a single layer of slip-resistant PVC across the entire upper surface of the carrier, creating what the company claims is a greater area of grip than any other product available.

This new wide-tread addition to the aluminium Q-Range is suitable for installation in public and commercial buildings, including high footfall locations such as schools and hospitals.

It is also fully compliant with the Equality Act; the broader design and choice of tread colours are claimed to generate a ladder-effect on the staircase, increasing visibility and security.

Quantum says increased safety isn’t the only product advantage, its nosings are claimed to eliminate the channel between treads where grit and grime collect, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance.

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