THE vinyl flooring market in the UK is growing exponentially across an increasing number of commercial segments.

Designers now have vinyl flooring choice and design options unheard of a decade ago. These innovative vinyl flooring solutions now provide environments that are said to not only look stunning and decorative, but also deliver top-end performance and levels of durability. After all, there’s no point in designing spectacular-looking flooring if it doesn’t do the job.

Gerflor says it’s been at the forefront of this creative charge in manufacturing beautifully designed vinyl flooring products that are also fit-for-purpose.

‘Underpinned by more than 70 years of design-led technological innovation Gerflor has been delivering a host of high quality designs and innovative product developments aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of the vinyl marketplace,’ the company says.

‘Taralay Premium Compact and Comfort from Gerflor is a decorative flooring range providing designers with a choice of 120 colour and design options bringing vitality, freshness and softness to their designs. The Taralay Premium range offers freedom in design, enabling designers and customers to build their own unique projects.’

The company adds that Taralay Premium Comfort ‘provides the perfect solution for heavy traffic areas with a wear layer of 1mm, with no filler for outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance. Taralay Premium Comfort delivers very high acoustic performance (16dB) and has an indentation resistance to 0.06mm.

‘It has a double glass fibre grid plus VHD foam backing. Taralay Premium Comfort also comes with Protecsol 2 and has a long- lasting appearance where the design remains within the whole thickness of the wear layer.’

Says Gerflor: ‘Taralay Premium Compact provides excellent resistance to static and dynamic loads. With quick indentation recovery (0.02mm) and superb dimensional stability with minimal rucking when heavy objects are wheeled across the surface.

‘This multi-layered vinyl flooring has a long-lasting appearance through the incorporation of densely pressed colour chips in the wear layer. Treated with a new and improved Protecsol 2 surface treatment with extreme stain resistance and a matt finish, no polish is required for the entire lifetime of the product, thus reducing maintenance costs.’

Recently the Lochee Swim & Sports Centre in Dundee had an upgrade of more than £1m. In making numerous improvements to the centre the flooring would need to be upgraded to a standard matching the quality of the overall refurbishment.

‘It was a challenge where Gerflor would step in with various solutions aimed at delivering quality and performance,’ the company says. ‘The nine-month Lochee flooring refurbishment was awarded to Longs Flooring.’

Chris Long, managing director, Longs Flooring commented, ‘We were on site with the Lochee project from day one and were delighted Gerflor had been appointed to supply the flooring.’

The main reception area at Lochee would ‘benefit from specifying Gerflor’s Taralay Premium Compact in ‘Metallica’ which would provide excellent resistance to static and dynamic loads and looks absolutely stunning’.

Chris added, ‘We use Gerflor products a lot. In our line of work, it’s all about supplying quality and that’s exactly what Gerflor provide.’
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