REDUCING impact sound by 19dB, Optimise 70 is, says IVC, ‘a hardwearing vinyl floor that makes commercial spaces quieter and more colourful, thanks to a refreshed colour and material palette.’

Featuring 54 colour and material effects, Optimise 70 can be used to create floor designs that reportedly support activities in a broad range of projects. From encouraging learning and aiding concentration in education facilities to providing a comfortable and relaxing setting for care home residents, IVC says that Optimise 70 ‘is ready for the challenge of heavy traffic spaces.’

The range uses bold colours including the lime of Ombra T20 and orange of Ombra T65. IVC says that designers can create layouts focused on colour, ‘or take a natural route to supporting the wellbeing of users through wood chevron looks such as Olympus T91.’ There’s also a Cevennes terrazzo effect that comes in four different shades which allows Optimise 70 to be deployed when a more architectural look is demanded. ‘In short,’ says IVC, ‘there’s an Optimise 70 look for any occasion.’

IVC explains that each floor also features permanent Hyperguard+ to maintain its finish by reducing the occurrence of scuffs and marks, as well as making Optimise 70 easier to clean. Hygiene performance of the floor is said to be improved with Sanitec, an anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatment that is permanent and should not wear off, even under intensive cleaning.

The company says that Optimise 70 can reduce noise and improve ear comfort for users by deadening the sound of footsteps and movement through an acoustic backing.

For IVC, Optimise 70 delivers ‘excellent sound performance through 19dB of impact sound reduction’ and with a 0.70mm wear layer the floor retains ‘all the durability of heterogeneous vinyl made for heavy traffic locations.’

The product is available in a two metre width and fully compatible with Invisiweld seamless installation.
Optimise 70 is made in Belgium using a 100% European supply chain.