Vision Display says it’s very experienced in designing and manufacturing variations of LVT, laminate and wood flooring displays, having worked with many major distributors and individual smaller companies over the past 10 years.

The company writes:
Our full range of services include the manufacturing of the displays and printing/applying all full colour POS printwork and logos etc and we can then pack and ship ready for our customers to install as required. In addition to just manufacturing the displays we also undertake the cutting and laying of LVT/Laminate/Engineered wood flooring products for the sample handboards that are often used in these types of display.

We start by creating initial product design layouts which are approved by the customer prior to production.

These layouts include details such as ensuring that any chamfered ends are butted together to show how the join lines would appear when laid on the floor, and all products can be laid to specific styles from staggered joints to herringbone.

We cut all our sample display panels using CNC routing technology to ensure clean cuts and consistent dimensions. Finally, we often print and apply individual product labels on to each display panel face before packing, giving our customers a fully comprehensive and easy to manage display service.

In addition, we also design and manufacture displays for flooring showrooms which include variations of carpet display stands and cabinets for A4 sample cards. We tend to avoid the older, more conventional designs such as carpet sample tombola stands as there are many manufacturers of these products around the world making the same displays in bulk quantities, so we try and fill the gap by offering smaller quantity, bespoke options for the more discerning customer who wants something a little different and unique.

Over the past few years we’ve noticed a trend for flooring showrooms to want an identity of their own as opposed to fitting out their showrooms with the same displays as the next flooring company down the road are using, this is where we can help as we can offer a whole showroom design package, from the showroom layout to designing and manufacturing the actual displays.

This is something we’ve undertaken for a number of the major flooring distributors as well as the smaller independent high street outlets.